Browns Bushcraft

Bushcraft, wilderness skills and natural history

Times, tariffs and course requirements

Each course starts at 9am and finishes at 4.30pm. 

The courses are run throughout the year. There is not a fixed course calendar. 

Please call or email to book the next available course.

Cost: Cost per person 35 €uros per day.

Course Requirements

Age limit : Minimum age limit 8 years old accompanied by an adult. There is no upper age limit.

Group numbers : Minimum number in group 4, maximum 8.

Equipment : There is no specific required equipment. All tools and equipment for each course are available for students to use during the course. You are welcome to bring your own knife, but it will need to be verified as fit for purpose.

What to bring : We stop for lunch so you will need to bring a picnic/packed lunch as well as your own drinks and snacks if you wish to keep you going through the day. Your welcome to bring a folding camp chair or mat to sit on.

What to wear : All the courses are held in an outdoor environment. There is a good chance your clothes will get mucky and smoky, so don't wear your finest outfit! We recommend long trousers, closed shoes or boots not sandals or flip flops. Waterproofs in case of wet weather.

Facilties : The bushcraft courses are held within a woodland at a fixed camp.

Sanitation : There is a dry/composting toilet on site. It is used in the same way as your domestic WC, only perhaps the location is more idyllic!

Water and electricity : There is no running water on site. All water is brought in. The water is drinking quality and is available for hand washing and drinking. There is no access to electricity, ensure cameras, telephones etc are suitably charged before.

First aid : Rupert is first aid trained. There is always a first aid kit on site if needed.  

We can tailor the day courses to suit your requirements. If you prefer to allow time between courses and do them over a longer period or they can be grouped into consecutive days.

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