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Here is the testimonial letter that was printed in Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.

A Must For Any Trip!

Dear Editor, I am writing to you regarding the 'The Brown Filter Bag'. 

What a great bit of kit! I have just been travelling across Australia from the most westerly point to the most easterly by motorcycle and took with me a Brown Filter bag. 

I'll be honest, I took it hoping never to use it, it was more there as a just in case item. Firstly, I was impressed at how small I could fold it up, space is everything on a motorcycle and the fact I could fold it up and leave it under my seat and pretty much forget about it was important. That was until I started to use it and I realised just how good it is. I ended up using it at every camp every night and the more I used it the better it performed, now there isn't much gear you can say that about!

It is really easy to use especially with the clearly written 'Idiot’s Guide' on the reverse of the label. I have used other 'in line' type filters in the past but found they are clumsy to use, awkward to carry and always blocking up with the fine talcum powder type dust we have here in the outback. I did use the Brown Filter Bag in unison with a smaller inline filter for my drinking water, but it made the whole operation of the smaller filter less problematic.

In summary: the Brown Filter bag is easy to carry, easy to use and a must for any trip. I cannot sing this bit of kit’s praises enough, now I wouldn't consider going on another trip without one. I even stuffed it full of dry grass and used it as a pillow on more than one occasion! Please pass on my praise to the manufacturer and keep up the good work!

Very best regards,
James Green

Dear James

Thank you for your great feedback, the Brown Bags do seem to be getting around a bit, we are hearing about them being used all around the world and have seen images of them even being used to melt snow by a fire in Finland.

Keep Adventuring! 

Originally printed in Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine, re-used with permission.